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Calling up four elements is 

very advanced elements and can be very dangerous. I’m talking about experience here. There are many writers who write from a theoretical point of view and have no direct experience with some psychological reflections and practices. I will give you * my personal experience * with the following reflections. Remember, this is my direct experience and some of what you have tried, may or may not be because we are individuals, but these literatures are * extremely effective, powerful and dangerous.

If you are:

  • Do not enjoy physical or mental health
  • If you take * any psychosocial drugs or drugs that affect your brain or nervous system
  • If you suffer from high blood pressure
  • If you have antihistamines of menopause
  • If you suffer from bouts of depression
  • If you do not know yourself 100%
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you are or are already to seizures

I strongly encourage you to go back and work on other, more safe reflections. Once you have overcome any of the issues mentioned above using safer reflections, you can proceed very slowly if you think you’re ready. Let me explain:

With the call items, here are some examples of what might happen:

Protesting with fire will make you hot. Depending on the number of breaths you carry out (only seven of them are recommended for those who did not have experience in this component). , Can be 20 extreme souls. While you are renting fires for the first time, more than likely while you do, you will feel little or nothing. Do not make the mistake of doing any more pests because you may not feel anything! The effects will feel hours later. Effects of invoking fire on fever include feeling warm redness after glow / halo warm insomnia, and as the water is opposite fire, you can get a violent reaction from the water and this can appear in the case of depression. These effects can last several hours to several days.

The atmosphere can be called to over-stimulate the nervous system. Air can make you very nervous and anti-allergic for a few hours to several days, depending on how much you consume.

I have always been an extreme and bold person, so I have not placed any restrictions on my reflections, although I have always used common sense. Now that these elements have been recalled over a period of time, we have become resistant to extreme temperature, we can heat or cool our bodies according to will, we can be skilled in motor contracting, and other star systems.

If you plan to do basic meditations, I strongly encourage you to keep entries written in a black book or magazine about how these exercises affect you. Mastering the elements is one of the highest forms of magic, while others play with props. Elements are based on the four corners and directions. They are the basis of the universe when the work of magic. The call and routing elements are used to enable interrupts and spells. Every ritual or act normally has an elemental theme. By utilizing the elements the power of any action is amplified dramatically. Elemental magnet is highly advanced and magmatic.

There are two ways to call items. One way is
Content detection
Complete protest as I did (do not breathe abroad and more dangerous) and the other easier way is inhalation of the element to the ether. You can work from this.

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses with some elements. Almost all of us have an imbalance in the elements in us. The following reflections will correct this.

Several hours or a day after calling an ingredient, sit quietly and meditate on what you feel. How did you feel during the last 24 hours? It is important to be able to feel the elements in order to direct and control them.

To correctly call, direct, and control items, they must be balanced in all elements. Most of us suffer from imbalances. These can usually be seen in our astrology schemes. Those of us who advance and continue will work

You must be honest with yourself and know yourself. The articles below in the Advanced section illustrate the elements in their pure form. Very few of us are unbalanced with only one element; there are usually two dominant types. Look at the elements in which most properties describe you. By balancing your elements, you will find healing physically and psychologically, at the spirit and mental level.

Fire is the opposite of water and the air is the opposite of the earth. The corresponding element is what is needed to fix the bug. It is important to realize that invoking the missing element can create a temporary reaction in the dominant element.

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