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The hope of protection 

This meditation is very important. It’s simple and the more you do this, the more powerful the protective halo becomes.

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1. Breathe the energy of white gold * as you do with the finding meditation of energy. You do not need to go into a deep coma with this. Focus only on the energy that enters your body in every inspiration and then visualize a strong, powerful light, such as the sun becoming brighter and brighter with each exhalation. Once you get this, it becomes very easy and takes a little time.

2. I assure you: “I breathe a strong protective energy, this energy builds up a halo of protection around me … This aura protects me at all times in all ways.”
Say this to yourself five times for five inhalations. After that, focus only on perception and feeling of energy, making it brighter and more powerful.

This will power program and also programming your aura.
After several days of doing this exercise, you can say affirmation once or twice, instead of five, because it will already be programmed into your aura.

Whenever you do this, you will build a stronger protective halo. Use energy from the sun as well. The energy of the sun is very strong. When you do this, just add “I breathe a strong protective energy from the sun, this energy builds up a halo of protection around me … This aura protects me at all times in all ways.”

* Uses white gold energy because it is reflective. You can also program your aura until you inhale the sun’s energy (very powerful) when you are out. After the first few times, you do not need to imagine anything. You just feel this and you do not have to be in a coma to work – you’ll feel it. I am where I breathe energy consciously and can do it easily at any time without any trance or perception.

There is another important thing you can do to protect yourself and keep your safety is to stress 5-10 times before sleeping:

“I am always safe and protected by all means.” No doubt about this! A halo of protection will also help clean the aura and repel any negative energy. This is very important.

You can also visualize loved ones and breathe energy in the halo to protect them. Just go to a coma and visualize anyone you want to protect and breathe in for energy as shown in the above link and then breathe it into the aura of the person you want to protect and follow the same procedure,
Just apply it to this other person. This can also be done for healing purposes.

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