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Open the third eye

Open the third eye 

This exercise is done in a specific tone and tone. You need to do this exercise for 4 consecutive days. Regular meditation should be followed in the third eye to fully open and establish energy absorption. This exercise only gets. More work is needed and must be consistent to reap maximum results.
NOTE: Steps 1 and 2 are optional. Steps 3-7 are necessary.

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Sit with your back straight. 

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2. Put your hands in the position as shown in the picture. You have people who are right, your right hand should catch your finger and your left index finger. For people who use the left hand, you should put your left hand grip around your right index finger. You should press the thumbnail on the side of the finger as shown, where the skin ends.

When you feel faint electric shock, you will know that you have the right place. Do not feel frustrated if you can not find it. It should be obvious in those who have naturally stronger halos. What this does is redirect the flow of energy to the third eye.

This Mudra can be used at any time during regular meditation in the third eye. Keep this attitude through meditation. 
* Note: This position is optional. The rest of the steps 3 – 7 are necessary 
3. Breathe through your nose and exhalation shaking “Thoth”. Thoth is the God of the moon, ruler of the sixth shakra, and the third eye is the moon. Slowly release your breath through your mouth and vibrate: 
TH-TH-TH-TH-OH-OH-OH-TH-TH-TH in one long exhalation (the sound is shaken once per exhalation, as with “Yogic”). 
Now this is important. Keep TH and OH at the same time. You must make TH sound through the exhalation.
Your tongue will vibrate between your teeth. It may take a few seconds to adjust it to where you feel in the middle of your forehead (third eye), do not worry, just keep working. 
Try to reach the correct vibration where you can feel it in your forehead. This can take some tests. Just do the best you can. You may have to try up to ten to fifteen times or more to get them correctly. 

4. Have you ever 4 times in a row then relax.

5. Now, align the third eye correctly by visualizing the end of the point facing the inside as shown in the left. The third eye color is matte white, like a mini-sun. 

6. It is very important that the above exercise is done for four consecutive days, preferably 24 hours apart.Then the deal is completed, you will have the first step of opening and activating the third eye.

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7. After you finish, it is important to meditate in your third eye to get the flowing energy, in this way it will be fully opened. 
Just close your eyes and “see” in the third eye in the middle of your forehead. It is important to relax and not strain your eye muscles, despite closing your eyes. At first, there is usually only blackness depending on how active the third eye is, and then possibly swirling colors and shapes such as kaleidoscope. Such as clinging to a mirror, the colors and shapes will give room for images when you meditate long enough and regularly. Remember to keep your looks soft and relaxed. Sense of pressure here or contract is normal after the exercise is completed above. This is usually subtracted in time. 

What to expect:

1. One of the first experiences is head or pressure in the middle of the front. This sensation may also feel that it arises from the inside, usually an inch or more under the surface of the forehead because it affects the sixth lumbar. This is a positive sign that the pineal gland wakes up and starts working in a healthy way. 
You may also find that you feel this pain or pressure when you focus your attention on your third eye or meditation on your third eye. This is quite normal and eases over time.
* Some people can experience migraines for several hours. The severity of side effects depends on how your pineal gland is atrophied.


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