Read the thoughts of others and get into their heads

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Read the thoughts of others and get into their heads 

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Call the ether element / Akasha

Focus on the spirit of the person you want to read. Only the soul and soul must show you

I have found in this exercise, the soul is the light flesh of the soul and in my own experience. It was just the shape of the individual, like the light-filled field of the ears. This differs from the stellar body that reflects the physical body, with the head, eyes, distinctive features and so on. Spirit is just a light object and in some individuals, it is darker. This has been my personal experience with this technique and should be used as evidence only.

A strong meditation of power alone will prompt you to a place where you can capture the thoughts and feelings of others more easily. Those with strong minds [people born with a strong scorpion, those who constantly contemplate, as well as those who practice martial arts and yoga] have found these people have stronger spirits, and their thoughts and feelings are easier to sense and “read” by those who They are more sensitive.

I will also tell you, learn how to control your thoughts and feelings. Know for sure that if you meditate constantly, perform magic, like your strongest thoughts, as well as your emotions. Anyone a little more sensitive will be able to pick them up. To face this, just wipe your mind as with meditation space. This also includes not only people in your immediate environment, but also people at a distance, if you think of them in any way or even anything related to them, such as attitude, etc. Get to know this! Always learn to calm your mind, control it. This also includes if you are in any situation you do not want to be noticed. Ideas, especially with those who have stronger souls give energy.

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